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  Welcome to Allee Cat Designs.  Thanks for visiting!  Call or message me if you didn't find what you were looking for and maybe I can help.  I love a good hunt for just the right piece at a good price!  

  My journey to this career has been long and winding. As a young adult I had a medley of jobs ranging from data entry to welding at a wire factory. Wanting a bigger challenge, I then enlisted in the US Air Force where I served as an Intelligence Analyst for six years. During that time I traveled to far flung places such as UAE, Rwanda and Kenya and eventually met my future husband, Kyle, a fellow airman.


After marrying and starting a family (my wonderful sons Joshua and Jonah), I left the service and concentrated on my new life as a stay-at-home mom and partner to my husband who was now an Army pilot flying Chinook helicopters, often during combat deployments. As any full-time Mom can tell you, you have to find a creative outlet to keep your sanity with small children. Furniture refinishing was that outlet for me! What began as a hobby grew into a full-time business since 2014. Refinishing furniture feeds my soul...making something beautiful out of old neglected pieces is SO satisfying! It gives me peace and makes me happy.


I am also a slight adrenaline junky and have owned my motorcycle since 2007. I am most at peace when I’m out on the motorcycle or on our little ski boat (which we outgrew years ago now that the boys and their buddies are 6 feet+ tall), with the wind in my hair and the need for speed. 


I can’t pass a dog without saying hello, and we currently have three wonderful rescue dogs as part of our “pack.” I love to sing and dance in my garage work space and kitchen ( I know...weird!) The dogs think I’m really good. My kids have no opinion (Hmmm)


My business name, Allee Cat Designs, is a combination of my first name, Allison, and my Grandfather’s name, Lee. He loved me and helped care for me when I was very young, and was a talented amateur artist. I believe in my heart that this is where I get my artistic tendencies and so honor his memory in this way.

The Army moved us to Kansas in 2011, but we have stayed long past retirement from the military. We love it here. It has been such a good place for us and now we call it home!